Living and travelling with a posse of dogs (six at one time, currently down to three) makes for some extraordinary stories. Add to that all the animal antics that come from living in a traditional home in a Goan village. Makes for one bubbling hot spring of funny tales about furry tails. This blog is my record of some of those episodes.

4 responses to “About

  1. I LOVE your blog. I am barking mad too! And Chipku could be my dog’s sister. She looks EXACTLY like him!

  2. Diya Chowdhury

    One dog lover to another…I need a home for Rani…she’s the street watcher in my office lane…she’s spayed, vaccinated and a street fighter…also very lovable…I cant keep her as I live in an apartment with my husband’s family…but I wish she finds a loving home…can you help me?

    • Where are you based, Diya? Perhaps an NGO or shelter working in your city will be able to find a home for Rani?

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