Jaya’s last days


Jaya, the last of our three original ladies, died on Saturday. Coincidentally, they came into our lives within some ten months of each other, first Chipku, then Bhaloo and finally Jaya – and left also within a period of months, in the same order.

This poem was surging around inside me the last few days that she was ill.

In the evening,
Two moths flew in through the window,
Fluttering like signs of life.
Floating across the yellow plaster,
Black flakes torn off by time.

In the night,
Jaya’s breath filled the room as she
Fought to turn back the sea inside,
But the relentless currents flowed –
Dark puddles on the blood red floor.

Near dawn,
Two clouds came together in anger,
Their rage boiling over in torrents.
Life and death rained on the earth,
Leaves poured down – green, yellow, red.

In the morning,
Jaya died on a silver table,
Bright brown eyes dark with questions.
At the end, her mouth fell open
And the two moths flew out and away.

6 responses to “Jaya’s last days

  1. v. sorry to hear…..

  2. The darkest moments bring out our creativity the best – I always rail at that – but there it is! Hugs, Anjali and Annie.

  3. Annie, I read everything on your blog! And it’s fantastic. But this poem made my day. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve read. I wake up every day thinking about what we would do without Fudge (our eldest). Somehow this poem is making it a little easier. Thanks, Manas

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