Dogs bless my soul

A piece of doggerel I had written some time:

Lolling on the bed
Head on Hero's haunches
His nose tucked in under my arm

Fingers in the thick
Of Bhaloo's silken fur
How could I come to any harm?

Chipku on the hunt
For stolen caresses
I quietly succumb to her charm

Jaya lying low
In upside-down heaven
Never seen so fatale a femme

Peace is on earth
Goodwill to all creatures
Thank dogs for this Animal Farm.

2 responses to “Dogs bless my soul

  1. Anjali, Annie,

    Its wonderful that Hero is back. Thank you for sharing this so vividly with everyone. I think of Hero, what he experienced and his survival instincts, of Anjali’s love and not giving up, of your silent bearing. In the end, no one can say what counted, except that it all must have done. Everyone is somewhat changed with this encounter, you, Anjali, Hero, and I, and I am sure all those who became part of Hero’s life over these days.


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